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Rebecca Rose was born outside of Washington, DC, and displayed a
gift for art from a young age. As a maturing adolescent, she discovered
her distinct style and fondness for painting bright, bold images. In her
teen years she explored stained glass art, and the raw elements of the
medium still echo through her paintings today.

Rose began her journey into the academic art world at the University of
Pittsburgh. There she studied art and lived abroad in England and France,
immersing herself in European culture. In 2006 she began showcasing
and selling her work in various group and solo exhibits in and around
Pittsburgh. In 2011 her work was selected and showcased in galleries
in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.

Her large, bright contemporary paintings reflect a classical nature with
a sense of modern impressionism. She is intrigued by human relationships
and paints images of community groups, women and children, romances
and friendships. Rose's paintings focus on the positive in people, and in life.

Artist Statement
I am often caught daydreaming about the universe, about shapes and lines and bright colors, about people from my past, my present and people I have yet to meet. I am inspired everyday, and I fall in love everyday - in love with people, places, ideas and colors. Painting has always been a means of self-expression for me. I paint because I have to, because I need to. Each painting is a piece of me, and my artwork is my painted diary.